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Florida Fishing


Tenoroc: Largemouth Bass in a Limestone Barrel

LAKELAND, FL -- Some of Florida's best bass fishing takes place out of public view in the state's phosphate pits. Your best opportunities to catch a trophy largemouth bass begins by scoring … [Read More...]

Hunting Giant Redfish in the Indian River Lagoon is, on the best days, like fishing in a barrel.

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing: The Traveler Report

MOSQUITO LAGOON, FL -- Have you seen this redfish before? I wouldn't be surprised. A quick-and-dirty calculation of the ratio between fishermen and redfish in the Mosquito Lagoon suggests … [Read More...]

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Ocala National Forest:

Ocala National Forest

Ocala National Forest Campgrounds and Cabin Rentals

The Ocala National Forest offers a wealth of natural getaways, from more than 2 dozen primitive campsites to complete resort facilities. Here are a few favorite campgrounds and cabin rental … [Read More...]

Fern Hammock Springs on Juniper Run Trail

Juniper Springs Wilderness Experience

JUNIPER SPRINGS STATE PARK, FL -- As the sun rises over the tall grass and scrub pines of Juniper Prairie Wilderness, lighting up the mist on Hidden Pond, the only sound is the gentle breeze … [Read More...]

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Florida Day Trips


Florida’s Towering Tourist Attractions

[wpgmza id="2"] Before Disney World, your best bet for family fun in the Orlando area might have been a concrete tower, where the lucky visitors could enjoy panoramic views of lakes and orange groves. Three notable towers on the Florida Ridge still offer the highest observation points … [Read More...]

Kayak Silver Springs

5 Cheap Orlando Day Trips with Kids

Worn out the numbers on your credit cards? Looking for a restful break in your vacation? Here are 6 day trips within tw0-hour's drive of Orlando that won't break your pocket book. And as a bonus, these will give the kids a glimpse of a Florida they won't find at the theme parks: 1. … [Read More...]

In line at Four Rivers Smokehouse

Orlando’s Best Barbecue?

ORLANDO, FL -- God bless the folks at Killarney Baptist Church in Winter Park. Because it's by their gracious provision (or savvy business acumen, I'm not sure which) that you can find a parking space for Four River's Smokehouse. A legal parking space, that is. You can try the residential … [Read More...]

Poe Springs Park

3 Refreshing Day Trips near High Springs

HIGH SPRINGS, FL -- Looking for a great place to cool down as the weather heats up?  Why not head to High Springs, Florida?  After a morning of shopping for crafts and antiques in the historic downtown, you can spend the afternoon at one of several parks along the scenic Santa Fe River. … [Read More...]

Sponge Diving at Tarpon Springs

Day Trip: Go Greek at the Tarpon Springs

TARPON SPRINGS, FL -- A good vacation can remind us how pleasant it is to stay at home. To that end, a day trip that includes the northbound drive from Clearwater to to Tarpon Springs along US Highway 19 may be especially effective. Try it. Go ahead. Fasten the kids into the backseat on a … [Read More...]

Big Talbot Island

Jacksonville Day Trip – Talbot Island’s Wild Treasures

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- If you were to stumble upon a chest of buried treasure, Jacksonville's Talbot Islands would be the perfect setting. Here, far away from the crowds (but an easy day trip from Jacksonville), you could sit in the dunes under the shade of a scrubby sabel palm and savor your … [Read More...]

Family Fun on the Rainbow River

Rainbow River Tubing: An Existential Adventure

RAINBOW RIVER STATE PARK, FL -- They say that any dead fish can float downstream. But so what? If we discovered a live fish that managed to float downstream of its own volition, choosing the simple pleasure of idleness on a sunny afternoon above the sisyphean drudgery of fighting the … [Read More...]

Alexander Springs Canoeing

Canoe Alexander Springs

ALEXANDER SPRINGS STATE RECREATION AREA, FL -- You won't be the first to discover the delightful swimming hole at Alexander Springs. People have been enjoying this idyllic and refreshing spring form at least 10,000 years. Its ancient residents, the Timucuan Indians, enjoyed the springs for … [Read More...]

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