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Koreshan State Historic Site: ‘The Ghosts of Florida’s New Jerusalem’

If the dream of Dr. Cyrus Teed had come true, the capital of the world would be located just south of Fort Myers, Florida. A century later, the fascinating remains of Teed’s failed utopia are preserved at the Koreshan State Historic Site. The story began in 1869 when Teed, a 30-year-old Chicago physician, had a revelation that he was the Messiah. He changed his name to Koresh (the Hebrew form of ‘Cyrus’), and in 1894 he lead his wealthy followers into the muggy wilderness of Estero, where they founded a commune called the Koreshan Unity.

Kayak Silver Springs

5 Cheap Orlando Day Trips with Kids

Worn out the numbers on your credit cards? Looking for a restful break in your vacation? Here are 6 day trips within two-hour’s drive of Orlando that won’t break your pocket book. And as a bonus, these will give the kids a glimpse of a Florida they won’t find at the theme parks: 1. Silver […]